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Truck Driver Transporter

Truck Driver Transporter

If you have fancied driving a truck, then Truck Driver Transporter is all you need to turn your fantasy into a reality.
Although truck driving games have been there for a while, developers have tweaked a number of aspects and packed them with exciting features…

Truck Driver Transporter transforms you from a lay gamer on the other side of the screen to a skilled truck driver who knows his game.

The game opens with a huge selection of trucks with appealing color schemes. However, most of these trucks are locked initially. You will have to pass through the game’s difficult challenges to unlock the best ones. But the real fun comes while driving the truck. You select a truck, pick up the cargo and transport it to various locations. You can even choose the day or night mode, both of which will thrill you to the core.

The real challenge is saving the truck and the cargo on it while navigating the dangerous mountain roads. The track is rugged and meanders sharply through the mountainous landscape. Your driving skills are tested while maneuvering the large truck on the road to protect it from falling off the cliff. Once you do it, you crash and come back to the starting point. You also need to ensure that you don’t run out of fuel. Sounds quite exciting, but it is perhaps the most challenging game you have ever played.

As the mission is to transport the cargo without losing it, your navigation through the mountain road is sure to be thrilling and adventurous. As you race ahead, you collect points, which can unlock a more robust and powerful transporter truck for you. The game is completely dependent on your ability to make sharp turns and maneuvers while crossing difficult road sections. Simply be persistent to perfect your skill.

Truck Driver Transporter: Game Features

Truck Driver Transporter is an exciting game that is rich in features. Some of the key features that make it special are as follows:

  • Unique heavy vehicle driving experience
  • Different environments
  • Smooth maneuvering with better game controls
  • Realistic physics and three-dimensional graphics
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Choice of game modes

If you love driving heavy trucks and wouldn’t mind transporting some cargo in the process, then Truck Driver Transporter is the game for you. Driving a heavy truck through the dangerous mountain roads fills your experience with thrills and excitement. Your heart may even skip a beat when the truck’s wheels go off track, but that’s the whole fun of playing the game. The excellent interface, exciting trucks and challenging road sections will keep you glued to the game till the very end.

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