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Truck Driver Cargo

Truck Driver Cargo

If you spill it, you are going to lose it!  Delivering your cargo to its specified destination is what Truck Driver Cargo is all about.  Created for those aged 7 and above, the game keeps everyone glued to the screen.The game is available on android versions 4.0.3 and up.

Driver controls

The trucks in question feature a simple automatic transmission with the driver able to select between two gears, reverse or drive.  You can drive the truck with a steering wheel which has great control unlike the arrows usually provided in other games.  Accelerator and brake pedals are to the right of the screen.   The driver or player can change his view modes to either the first person or third person view.  The view can be from inside of the truck cabin or from the outside, giving the overall view of the scenery and the vehicle. The steering wheel is interesting and has self-centering mechanism.

You can choose from three different types of trucks or tippers. The trucks come in pleasing colors of red, silver, yellow and more. Truck Driver Cargo features dual axle to multi-axle vehicles. These can be chosen after completing each level and earning enough credits or points.  You complete a level by delivering your cargo to the destination.  The credit allows you to purchase new trucks in the garage.

Of loads and levels                   

The loads include wooden boxes, logs, barrels and more. The loads change in tune with the levels.  It gets more and more trickier as you get to the higher levels.  Not only do the terrains become more dangerous, the loads get heavier too.

This android game is based on realistic physics, obeying the laws on different terrains and driving conditions.

Truck Driver Cargo has 30 levels. A recent 2016 update has added ten new levels and three new trucks to up the fun quotient.

As you clear each level, you get upgraded to the next level which brings its own set of goals and challenges. You’ll find yourself shifting from sprawling expressways to snow covered streets and narrow mountain passes.

The physics simulation acts on the cargo as well so your truck will handle quite differently as you carry bigger loads.  They behave as per the vehicle’s stance on the terrain.  If the brakes are applied, the cargo shifts forward.  If the vehicle is steered either left or right, the cargo too shifts accordingly. This helps keep players on their toes as they advance and take on the harder cargo delivery missions

The mountain terrain is slippery and treacherous.   The paths are not smooth and are always uphill.  The player needs to exercise extreme caution while navigating these terrains as one slip could mean loss of cargo.  The game is over when you lose your cargo.

Some jobs will require you to navigate extremely narrow rocky pathways on high mountain hills.  While some others have obstacle courses such as streams that cross the road in a dangerously thrilling way.  There could be fog and other weather hazards that limit visibility and make it difficult for the driver to navigate.

The Truck Driver Cargo tests both your virtual driving skills and your determination levels!

This android game will help you appreciate just how thrilling and challenging a seemingly boring job like truck driving can potentially be.

If you get bored of playing alone, you can join other players from all over the world and compete for fame and glory to determine who’s the best cargo hauler of them all.  Go ahead and get your adrenaline rush going.

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  1. I think the game will be more exciting by adding route map and distance that showing how many miles the player has reached the trip delivery to the end…by they way the game is okay

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