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Tractor Hill Driver 3D

Tractor Hill Driver 3D

The innumerable applications on Android have made it the platform to beat while simultaneously enabling us to do more with our smartphones than ever before. Nowadays, everything is available at our fingertips. Just a tap on the screen exposes us to a sea of features. Apart from productivity and communication applications, entertainment apps, particularly games are among the most popular apps on the platform. Android games come in a wide range. From racing to action genres, the platform’s games keep players glued to them till the very end.

When it comes to Android games, users nowadays are looking for something more than loaded machine guns and racing cars and bikes. Although racing games are popular amongst the gaming citizens, they look for something different. After all, who wants to keep racing with bikes and cars?

Enter Tractor Hill Driver 3D

A game that is a departure from the commonplace bike or car racing games. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to drive a tractor, then Tractor Hill Driver 3D is the game you should definitely download on your smartphone. The game is a notable departure from the usual racing games where you navigate a stunning landscape on a bike or a car. This game instead uses a tractor, complete with a loaded trailer that presents some unique challenges to players.

The game’s objective is simple: you deliver cargo. But the real challenge comes when you have to do so by navigating the narrow countryside roads, meandering beside trees, rivers, lakes and along the sides of steep ravines. You have to give it your best shot and make sure that you don’t lose the cargo. Transporting the cargo through narrow hill roads, which sometimes get hidden behind trees and hills, will put your driving skills to test.

As the game starts, you get to make a choice of tractors. However, the best tractors are naturally are locked and will need to be earned as you start clearing levels and get rewards. The rewards can be used to buy a more faster or more responsive tractor that helps you navigate the more dangerous roads. You will have to make sharp and careful maneuvers and turns in order to prevent the tractor from going off-track. The 4×4 turbo diesel engine of the tractor helps you pass through challenging sections of land. The game has an automatic timer that calculates the time taken to deliver the cargo.

Tractor Hill Driver 3D is rich in adventure and excitement. Meandering through the narrow hill roads and facing perilous road sections have their own thrills. After all, climbing up the mountain on a tractor is something beyond our imagination. Once you clear each level, you proceed to the next until you win the championship. It is certainly a far cry from traditional racing games set in rugged mountains or suburban racing tracks.

Tractor Hill Driver 3D: Game Features

If the game’s description has excited you, then you should certainly know about the features that make it so special. The following are key features of Tractor Hill Driver 3D:

  • 4 tractors models with attractive color schemes
  • Realistic graphics with three-dimensional effects
  • Superior game dynamics and effects
  • Inside camera view
  • Cargo delivery game
  • Sensitive gas pedal

Tractor Hill Driver 3D is the game for you if you wish to experience something new in the gaming scenario. You don’t have to worry about speeding up and winning a race. Rather your objective is simply to deliver cargo on time without crashing the tractor. Sound very simple, but it is full of challenges. The game demands agility and focus for navigating dangerous roads. The visual and audio effects of the game are remarkable because you get completely immersed in their realism.

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