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Truck Driver Extreme 3D

Truck Driver Extreme 3D

Confusing checkpoints, thrilling landscapes and chances of toppling over! With amazing three dimensional graphics, Truck Driver Extreme 3D aims to thrill.

Extreme features           

In this game, get to choose from three different trucks, all of them being multi-axle. The best part of the game is that there is no monotonous background music.  You can listen and hum to your favorite tunes while you enjoy your ride. Of course there is the natural sound of engine, break sounds and realistic tyre burn outs.  Whenever the tyre crosses slight humps and bumps, the tyres squeal realistically.  You can also see the tyres articulating which is a great feature of the game.

There are 24 levels and the aim is to deliver cargo to the destination through tricky terrains.  The terrains pose challenges and you would need to be very careful in going over these as the truck can get stuck on slightest of pits.

Another interesting feature is that the cargo does not get tossed around while the truck moves unlike the other cargo games.  In this game, the cargo is securely packed unlike in other games involving cargo delivery.  The chances of losing cargo is lesser in truck driver extreme 3d compared to other versions of this game.  But it is still possible to lose the cargo, so exercising caution and upgrading your driving skills are necessary!

Truck driver extreme 3D has additional features such as all-wheel drive mechanism which allows it to cross obstacles easily without getting stuck. The controls include arrow marks on the left for steering, and accelerator and brake pedal on the right side of the screen.

Tricky terrains

The terrains are all treacherous mountains with narrow passes and curves. The next level is unlocked by completing the cargo delivery in the current level.  The terrains and surroundings change with the level.  Finding your way is quite tough and challenging in this extreme game.   In this game, you have to search for check points which are marked in green.  Since there are multiple routes to the destination, finding the check points is not as easy as it sounds.

It is possible to crash when you go over the edge or when you run into the barricades which occur randomly in the route.  Although the cargo does not fall off, if the truck overturns, the game is over and you need to begin from scratch.

The extreme truck racing has many exciting features.  You get to collect bonus points when the tyres burn out.  Points get added as you keep reaching checkpoints.

There is a red arrow on the top of the truck that points to the direction of the next check point.

Another added thrill is that you need to apply brakes when you are going downhill, uphill or around the corners. If you do not apply brakes in time, the truck can go over the edge or you might tend to slip and topple. You can also crash when you go violently over a hump or a pit and this is also when you can lose your cargo!

There are obstacles such as bridges that have streams crossing them. Also as the levels increase, so do the number of checkpoints.

You can customize and upgrade the trucks with exciting features and boosts as you go higher up in the levels.   Truck Driver Extreme 3D is more extreme in the real sense with more adrenaline boosts than the other versions of truck cargo delivery games.

The landscapes are realistic and far superior to other versions of cargo games with breath-taking scenarios.

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