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Moto Traffic Racer

Moto Traffic Racer

Android is undoubtedly the leading gaming platform for smartphones today. The android platform has also become an increasingly popular platform for games. As mobile hardware continues to improve, both the number of games on the platform and their quality have rapidly increased. The Google Play Store has become the ultimate destination for users who love to try out new applications and features on their smartphone.

While talking about games on Android, racing games are easily among the most popular. Although racing games have been about for a very long time now, they have strongly emerged today with making excellent use of the available technology to present an experience that is able to routinely offer previously unprecedented features. In fact, racing games never get old as long as they are able to sustain the fun element that keeps gamers glued to them.

Moto Traffic Racer: Game Description

If you loved racing through Napa Valley or Sierra Nevada in Roadrash, you will be amazed how Moto Traffic Racer is so similar to the game yet so much better. The game is packed with thrill and excitement that lacked a little in previous superbike racing games. Game Division makes the game even more exciting than its previous versions by making several tweaks to its features, graphics and racing style.

The game’s opening is typical of a superbike racing game, but the selection of bikes is appealing. The various models with different color schemes will prod you to race like a true biker. Most of the bikes require points to unlock. The opening scene is set in a basement garage of dirt bikers who look rather rowdy in the realistic interface.

Once you make you initial selection and have your very first bike, you can choose either the endless single-way race or endless two-way race. Choosing either of them lines you at the starting point, where you and your superbike are ready to zoom through the busy city roads and suburban highways. The fun begins here. You race through the city landscape, dodging cars, cement trucks, construction equipment and other obstacles. Fire trucks and police checkpoints obstruct your race only to amplify the experience. You can even choose to race in day or night mode, both of which never fail to thrill.

As you succeed in crossing these obstacles and progress further, you earn in game money to buy a more robust bike. You have a plethora of bikes with amazing features to choose from. As you perfect your racing skills, you can win championships and become an awe-inspiring legendary racer. The game requires agility and focus to dodge obstacles on the racing track. The game certainly puts your gaming skills to test.

Moto Traffic Racer: Game Features

The following are a few key features that make Moto Traffic Racer a game for speed-loving gamers:

  • Amazing three-dimensional graphics
  • Wide selection of bikes
  • Real life traffic simulation
  • Good light and sound effects
  • Static and moving obstacles
  • Acceleration through screen tapping

The interface and graphics of the game are simply impeccable. The buildings, roads and countryside looks like elements borrowed from reality. The racing track is full of obstacles that only make the experience thrilling and exciting for players. The version is available for free on Google Play Store and has garnered high ratings with many users praising the frantic, fast-paced gameplay. The game is packed with amazing features and realism that gamers simply fall in love with it. It is truly an incredible game for Android-savvy, bike enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of street-racing at extreme speeds.

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